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What We Offer

Customizable for You - One size does not fit all

We offer a variety of services to help you, your business or your nonprofit become more effective. Whether it is creating a strategic plan or individual coaching, we can help.

Do you need a Facilitator? In our facilitations, we believe the group or individual has the answers. We ask powerful questions to encourage the group to work together to come up with the solutions.

Do you need a Consultant? Here, we will come to you or your group with data and information to help make progress or move forward.

Coaching? Whether business or personal, helping to achieve specific goals by providing training or guidance


Speaking? We offer a wide range of topics to address your groups. We will work hard to provide an informative but entertaining experience.

In many instances, there will be both.


  • Strategic, action and business plans

  • Leadership development and training

  • Business or individual coaching and mentoring

  • Mission and Vision creation or revision


  • Nonprofit Board Development

  • Executive Director development

  • Industry driven workshops or sessions

  • Leadership development


  • Personal or Business development


  • What makes groups/teams work?

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Leadership

  • Open to more topics as needed

Becky Wolfe, owner
Becky Wolfe speaking at event
Becky Wolfe facilitating at conference

We Want You to Succeed!

We recognize that "one size does not fit all" and we want to partner with you to design a customizable experience for you, personally or your organization.

We will bring a fresh perspective as we challenge current assumptions in ways of doing business. Our society is changing and with it the culture of how we work.

We believe in the value of people and that organizations thrive because of the people. Engaging and inspiring them to utilize their talents to create the culture that is right for the organization.

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