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Engaging People, Expanding Horizons

We aim to facilitate the engagement of people who want to learn and grow.

My name is Becky Wolfe, and I am the owner, facilitator, and consultant for Advance Innovations LLC. I have been in the leadership development industry for over 30 years. I wanted to create this blog to share resources, tools, and articles to help people with things they may find daunting or challenging. I have learned many things along my journey and hope to share some of that through this blog.

What you will see in this blog.

I aim to inspire and empower you to develop your leadership skills in both your workplace and community. Through my experiences working with people, businesses, and nonprofits, I will share valuable information, tools, and resources that have helped me overcome challenges and succeed. I hope you will find these insights useful on your leadership journey.

In Closing,

Advance Innovations works with businesses, nonprofits, and governmental entities to establish goals or create a vision, but we also work on the people within those dynamics. For example, it could build trust, generate confidence or encourage personal growth.

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